Steve and Nicole Shelly
5318 Limeport Pike Coopersburg,  Pa 18036
Steve: (267) 671-5340 Nicole: (267) 496-6303
We have been CSA members with Godshall Farm for 8 years now and we love the cleanliness, quality, selection and availability of their produce, flowers, meat, and prepared foods. Steve and Nicole really listen and pay attention to their customers and go out of their way to meet their needs and special requests." Thank you! :)

Being a member of the Godshall CSA is important to me in so many ways. It gives me the opportunity to "eat fresh, eat local", support a small business and a young family, and interact with a family who are raising their children with a sense of social responsibility. The business is conducted with a high degree of integrity and the quality of the offerings can't be beat.
Hilary S.

This season was fantastic. The prepared food was a huge bonus, and the payment system, incredible amount of choice was wonderful. The eggs being included as a choice was also a big bonus. Loved having the plants included as well. Can't say enough good things about this year! Love being able to use CSA bucks for the roadside stand. Several times in the past I didn't use the stand because I didn't have cash or the right amount of cash. Also really appreciated the other farm products being sold at the CSA. Helped cut down on things I would need to buy at the supermarket.
2018 membership is now open!
Order prepared food online here and pick up on our farm. Orders are ready in a day or less.
We focus on growing crops that are the most popular and profitable to enable us to make a living solely from our farm. We follow organic standards(not certified) to grow all of our products including plants, pasture our animals and feed them local organic feed. No nuts and seeds are used in our kitchen/prepared foods. Our farm is unique because our entire property is 1.9 acres.  This is a micro size farm.  It doesn't get much smaller. No one else in the Lehigh Valley is making a living solely from farming on this size acreage.  We don't compare what we can accomplish with other farms because it is so completely different.  We ask our members to do the same.
Our local food club can accomodate most of our member's lifestyles.  They purchase a credit in the beginning of the season and become a member.  Members can use their credit at our pickups from May through December, Tuesday through Thursday from 1:30 to 6:30 and Friday 9-1. When the pick up is not open, they can use the credit at our roadside stand.  We will also be offering a roadside stand option this year, for customers who don't often have cash or exact change. Our members are free to come whatever day they want or not come as they please. We have 4 different sign up levels.  If you run out of credit you can add more, but we ask that you use it up by the end of the season.  Our members do self check out online at our e-commerce store.
After we have been through a whole year with our new system, we realize that we are not offering a CSA anymore.  It's something that is new and different than what most CSA farms are offering.  To us CSA means a box of half price dirty vegetables that a single farmer grows, full of stress for the customers.  That is not what we are doing at all. We will be using the term local food club from now on. Our members can pick up what they need for the week, not pick up at all and have a choice of eggs, flowers, prepared food, vegetables, poultry and pork from our farm.  We also work with our farm neighbors that we know and trust to provide vegetables we can't grow or items such as mushrooms, fruit, corn, dairy, etc. By joining our club you are supporting a variety of local farms.
In the past few years, we have noticed a decline in the amount of interest in local food.  We think that local food has become less rare and exciting than it was five, ten or fifteen years ago.  People would rather pick up items and shop at a grocery store because they are open all the time and they have convinced customers that they are indeed "local" too.  We have been surveying our members and talking to people about CSAs for many years to come up with a new system in response to their needs. We completely restructured the way we offer our CSA to make it more convenient and modernized.
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We are proud to continue the Godshall family name through businesses since 1893 providing high quality products combined with excellent service of local food and beautiful flowers to support a healthy lifestyle.

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